About Us

Why us?

Clients face major issues that either drive their business revenue or to find cost effective competitive solutions. Step one in the approach is to meet with line manager or decision maker and ask them to literally envision a path forward towards their goal.  An unconstrained dialogue with trust then drives an “ask” for Envision Digital Media; namely to find it or create it. 

How are we different?

Envision does not compete with large consulting entities that consume large amounts of time and money. The successful media executive often wants to know simply:

·  What is the gist of the issue?

·  Who in my community or industry is doing, what?    

·  What are the key options available?  

·  Where can I get an innovative solution at a great price?  

Our Philosophy

We never dream about success, 

we work very hard for it !


Abel Tamayo / CEO

Technology and sales executive, with deep experience across media, telecom and emerging technology industries. Integrated know-how that draws on commercial and international sales, with a focus on revenue growth, for new and existing accounts. Unique ability to collaborate customers teams to bring greater product and service offers to market.