Envision Digital Media provides an independent view of best-in-class media for clients looking for cost effective, forward looking solutions. By embracing progressive media suppliers of software, hardware and services — the best technology at the best price — Envision’s clients reap the benefits and protect their future investment. Media data growth continues to drive the industry – creating assets based upon client data and behaviors as well as new advertising revenue opportunities across the board from linear to OTT to social to new online strategies. In addition, file based workflow and digital asset management continues to become the norm in all new media spend.

Key Main Areas we Focus

All media companies — programmers, service providers, distributors or creators — all manage data to form the very nature of value they bring for either revenue or cost savings. Ten hot areas that we can help you today:

• An Executive Summary, describing the business goals and objectives (If your business wants to enter the LATAM market in 2016-2017 and book deals that will show revenue starting in 2017)

• Market Trends and Drivers for Services Providers + regional Industry highlights; including differences and similarities to the US.

• Services & Monetization Models for integration Services.

• Market Segments & Identifying Potential Customers for your business – US or Global programmers doing business in LATAM (e.g., HBO) – US or Global operators doing business in LATAM (e.g., DirecTV) – Tier 1 LATAM based programmers and operators – T2 + LATAM based programmers and operators

• Competition, by key markets Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, etc.

• Market Size & Opportunity (includes numbers)

• Strategy Implementation, recommendations for go-to-market.

• Strategic Alliances & Partnership Model(s), including a review of potential partners, or local hires, legal requirements, and best practices.

• Marketing Options: – Recommended trade shows, recommended Regional Publishing

• Recommendations and Next Steps Deliverable:

Three Main Media Data Areas

All media companies — programmers, service providers, distributors or creators — all manage data to form the very nature of value they bring for either revenue or cost savings. Three hot areas today:

Analytics/Insights: Some estimates rate worldwide analytics at a $50B business with a CAGR of over 20% in some vertical markets. Media management is no different.

Analytics is used for assessment of all financials, program demographics and operational bandwidth utilization. Insights, utilizing data management such as Big Data, Hadoop and Spark, can also predict subscriber or online behavior and feed new age advertising. Further, visualization tools such as Qlik and Tableau provide a point of pivot around certain query or areas of interest. For media companies, the focus has to be in two main areas: customer insights and enterprise market optimization.

Data workflow: Beyond tradition file based workflow for digital asset management, a growing area is evolving quickly in how to manage the sources and targets (e.g. database and applications) in any media data workflow.

Assets from any source can be combined with any target application, freeing media management from proprietary API’s or custom scripts. An architected data workflow, with embedded business rules, can be the future of the operational media plant and be integrated with all other aspects of the business.

Advertising: Disinter mediation, better known as removing the middleman, is happening to media companies due to circumspect value of online effectiveness, disruption of social media and the value of the middle man broker. Media companies now want to both own and manage their own data set. Any media company must now know and manage their assets dearly in collaboration with advertising, not as a client only.

In order to create a true portfolio, especially during the growth of OTT, online and other non-linear program plays, data management will be key to understanding how to best leverage ad dollars.